Who to Trust When it Comes to Wellness Information

It's hard to know Who to Trust When it Comes to Wellness Information these days. There's so much out there and we want to help you navigate that well. Today we want to highlight, Gospel Preachin', Calorie Burnin', Rockstar Athlete Pastor, Jeremy Amick, who preached a solid message this past Sunday and reminded us, we need to share some important information [...]

Just say No to GMO’s!

Just say no to GMO's - autoimmune disease or not, they're just not healthy - period.   What is a GMO? GMOs are organisms that have had their characteristics changed through the modification of their DNA. GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Genetically modified (GM) organisms are organisms that have had their genomes? changed in a way that does not happen naturally. [...]

10 Signs of Candida Overgrowth & What You Can Do About It

10 Signs of Candida Overgrowth & What You Can Do About It     We've been on a weekly series about Gut Health, much thanks to Dr. Amy Myers teaching. To get updated on what we've already highlighted, click here. This week our focus is on how to know if you might have it and then if you do, what [...]

How Antibiotics Wreak Havoc on Your Gut and What You Can Do About It

  Well, I thought this would be a great post for "Thinking Thursday" since I'm actually on antibiotics as I write this. Even if you workout every day, take all your vitamins, eat crazy clean and wash your hands relentlessly during flu season, it can still happen. The odds are less, but it can still happen. Sometimes it's just inevitable [...]

Your Gut is Your Second Brain

Did you know you have two brains? Did you know the 2nd one is actually more important to care for than the 1st?     "Do you suffer from brain fog, difficulty making decisions, anxiety, depression, and mood swings, or attention disorders such as ADD or ADHD? If so you’ve probably been told that those traits are just a part [...]