Five Fold Fitness in Thirty Minutes with Youth


Last Saturday we were asked to play a part in Carmel Baptist Church‘s teen girl event, called REFRESH. The goal was for these little ladies to walk away feeling refreshed, knowing that they are image bearers of God and encouraged to know and love God more.

We had 30 minutes to help these gals steward what we believe is 5 Fold Fitness: Spiritual training, Physical training, Emotional training, Mental training, and Social training. So, we broke them up into teams of 5, a small group team building environment to steward social health best. Then we had them compete in what’s called a “Chipper” workout. Chip away at the list of tasks. Once you’re done with it, check it off and move on to the next….

From Squats to Planks to Team med ball tosses…to theology questions and personal Jesus journey questions, these girls crushed it and had quite a bit of fun and laughter amidst. We couldn’t have been more proud of them!


Check out the photo album of our wonderful time serving the youth at the event!


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