Water covers about 70% of the earth’s surface.  Water is about 1/2 – 3/4 of the body’s make-up and is an important tool in keeping the body functioning well.  Find out why you should

Hydrate Regularly

Hydrate Regularly

Hydrate…not Hydrant! 

God apparently thought a lot about water.  How to use it, when to use it, what to use it for.  In addition, water was a vital aspect to God’s creation, so He took water seriously. But did you know that you, too, need to hydrate regularly. 

What Does “Hydrate Regularly” Mean?

Basically, that means drink water…daily.  Not just one glass, either.  We need to drink water throughout the day to ensure we replace the water lost through body functions like sweating or toileting.  Do you know what to look for when you are dehydrated?  Learn more:

Why Is Water So Important?

Did you know your lungs are 83% water?  Other important body functions also need water to run smoothly and efficiently.  Such functions include:

  • KidneysHydrate Regularly
  • Brain
  • Heart
  • Skin
  • Bones

Check it out:

So, if you want your body to continue working at peak efficiency, make your goal 1/2 your body weight in ounces.  For instance, if you weigh 150 pounds, then work toward a daily water intake of 75 ounces.  It sounds like a lot, but do it slowly at first.  Here’s an idea:

  • Get a refillable water bottle labeled with ounces.  Aim to get a minimum number of ounces each day.  Slowly add to that number until you are at the goal of 1/2 your body weight.  Once you reach that goal and are comfortable, then up the ante.  Add a little more each day until you reach a new goal.

Check out a couple of other reasons why you need to drink water:

But I Don’t Like Water?

Okay.  There are some folks out there who just don’t like water.  They prefer something with “taste”, so they stick to other liquids…some better than others.  Consider these ideas if you happen to be a person who doesn’t drink a lot of water:Hydrate Regularly

  • Add whole fruit or cucumber for taste
  • Use a “hydrating” water enhancer like Nuun
  • Try a glass of coconut water

Here are other ideas:


In the end, getting the minimum amount of water you need in your system daily will keep you healthy, focused and ready for almost anything that might come your way.


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