Dedicated Deb Shares Words of Wisdom For All

Recently, MissionFiT interviewed Deb Seelig, a Children’s Community Bible Study Teacher and pre-school teacher at Carmel Baptist Church.  Deb has a self-described “passion” for children and enjoys interacting with youngsters. When not teaching, Deb enjoys tennis, reading and photography.  Deb and her husband, Mike, recently celebrated 32 years together and are facing new roles as “empty nesters” and, for Mike, retirement. Deb isn’t shy about stating she is seeking the Lord’s guidance for this new stage of their lives.

Pull up a comfy chair and a cup of your favorite beverage as you learn more from Deb in her fitness journey.

“My fitness journey can be described as progress, pain and perseverance.  Although I play on 3 or 4 competitive tennis teams each season, I found a need to supplement this activity with strength training.  So, I joined MissionFiT.  

So far, the biggest thing learned about myself is how much I can do and how much more I can progress.  I have learned about time restricted eating, hydration, stress management, macro-nutrients and eating God-made food.  But I think the biggest “win” is the personal relationships I have with my coaches and my sweet fitness friends Kay and Teresa.  That…and learning not to quit when it “gets hard”. I was so excited when I could deadlift a 45# kettlebell!

I’ve conquered not giving up when I have to miss due to travel. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be productive; modifications are OK!  This mentality has helped me grow, realizing that fitness isn’t a number on a scale but the effort made to keep moving forward to good overall health. Aging well is a big motivator for me.”


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