The Graduates

It’s that time of year again. We had another round of athletes graduate out of our ReStart Your Heart beginner experience last week!

The Graduates. 6 women smiling after a workotu

We have loved pouring into these lives, building relationships, watching them grow and heal, and most importantly seeing how much more impactful they’ve become for God’s Kingdom.

Our ReStart experience is heavily focused on Educating, Equipping and Encouraging the athlete so they will create a solid base to live out a healthy lifestyle.

In 11 weeks these athletes accomplished:

  • A Novant/MissionFiT partnered Health Screening
  • 10 Day Bible Study
  • Completed a front end Mobility and Fitness Assessment
  • Learned how to use and navigate all their new materials/equipment from us
  • Learned 62 new fitness movements in their fitness classes
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Worked on their spiritual, mental, emotional and social health.
  • Became highly educated on all things Wellness related: Stress Management, 3 different stress and relaxation breathing techniques, Hydration, Sleep, Posture, Technology Health, Circadian Rhythm, Vitamins
  • Became highly educated on all things Nutrition related: Fasting, God-Made food, Macronutrient balance, Quantity/Portions, Meal Planning, Eating Out, Travel Eating, Alcohol, Healthier Dessert
  • Graduated and crushed their original fitness scores!