We spent the month of July searching for Three Charlotte Pastors to Win an Elite Wellness Package from MissionFiT and we’ve found them!


Our criteria was:

  • Pastor in Charlotte

  • One who has served his flock extra hard this year

  • One that has interest in focusing on his health and wellbeing in this next season.


We received numerous nominations throughout the month with heartfelt reasons why each Pastor would be the best pick. No doubt, there’s a TON of amazing pastors serving well throughout the city of Charlotte. Pastors, be encouraged – you’re making a huge impact on your flock and bringing more and more closer to Christ every day. This was a tough decision, but without further adieu…..


Our Winners are:

Brent Watts of Abundant Life Church

Three Charlotte PAtors Win Elite Wellness Package, White pastor headshot with glasses, black coat and red tie


Ken Schmidt of Church at Charlotte

Three Charlotte PAtors Win Elite Wellness Package, headshot, man in his 40's, standing in front of a wood palat wall with a blue dress shirt on and glasses


Theo Schaffer of Word of Promise Christian Fellowship and CMPD Chaplain

Three Charlotte PAtors Win Elite Wellness Package, african american pastor sitting at the altar in a black suit and mixed color tie smiling


A huge focus of MissionFiT is on Pastoral Wellness. Pastors are incredibly selfless individuals and, oftentimes, SO focused on everyone else they forget about themselves. Well this season we plan to pour back into these leaders by strengthening them.


We build strong & fierce leaders for the Lord!

Three Charlotte Pastors Win Elite Wellness Package - head of a fierce lion in black and white, side profile with black background

Each Pastor is winning:

  • High level assessments
  • Goal Setting
  • Creation of Pastor Care Plan
  • Individual Health Coaching
  • Individual Nutrition Coaching
  • Personal Training sessions
  • Books
  • Training Journal

And the best part about it is WE’RE MAKING THIS SUPER ACCESSIBLE FOR THEM!!! We understand Pastors have extremely tight schedules so we travel to them versus them struggling to get to a specific location, making this experience that much more enjoyable.


“As a Christian Fitness Ministry,  we are focused on providing Christian Fitness Programs to help people in the Christian community to be and stay Healthy and FiT for the Mission God has for them. This includes motivation, accountability, inspiration, education and support. And we have specific initiatives for Pastors. Christian leaders these days are more stressed than ever and often need a higher level of care. It is our pleasure to build up fierce leaders for the Lord.” – Founder, Kelsey Elmore