We’ve all said it…in different ways, to different people or habits: “I QUIT YOU!”  But why is it so hard to say “I quit you” to sugar?  Let’s see what Dr. Lauryn Lax has to say about this timely topic.  Dr. Lauryn is a Doctor of I Quit You!Occupational Therapy, Nutritionist, & Functional Medicine Practitioner.   She is also the Founder of drlauryn.com and the author of Enough: Overcome Your Eating Disorder.

I Want A New Drug!

Sugar.  That likable, lick-able grainy white substance tickles the tongue…in all the wrong ways.  This 6 minute video will give you the skinny!  Want a little more in-depth teaching?  Try these full-length features:

So…How Do I Minimize My Sugar?

Depending on the person, going “cold turkey” may be a little like quitting cigarettes:  Those around you suffer more than you do!  But Dr. Lauryn outlines 6 tips to help you swap sugar from your daily diet.  Some include:

  • Eat Breakfast.  A protein and healthy fat based breakfast can help keep you full before lunch-time.
  • Add a citrus flavor to your water
  • Keep a baggie or your favorite protein/fat snack handy, like healthy jerky or nuts.

In addition, Dr. Lauryn lists out 50 different snack ideas that make for good sugar swaps in your diet to help you stave off the crave.  Check out the full article here!

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