Spring has sprung – outside and in the gym.  MissionFiT Athletes get a chance to be creative with an unusual medium – Salads!  Join in the fun and learn more about leafy greens, adding important and necessary nutrients, like protein and healthy fats to a salad and even homemade dressings.  So get ready to

Go Green!Go Green

When we make a salad, we want to do more than just “go green”.  Everyone has a favorite recipe they tweak to their taste buds.  Some may add one thing while substituting something else.  Others may be “dump cooks”, throwing whatever looks good into a bowl, shake in a little dressing and enjoy.  But no matter what method you use, there are some specifics you want to remember when creating your salad.

A Primer On Greens

As kids, most of us grew up on lettuce.   While lettuce has its uses (lettuce wrap or hamburger topping), this common green ranks as the green with the lowest nutritional value.  Why?  Lettuce is mostly water.  However, there are many more types of greens to choose from.  So, when choosing a base for your leafy green salad, go dark green.  Typically the darker the green, the more nutritional value contained therein.  Here are a few resources to consider before your next trip to the grocery store:

Salad Add-Ins

There are many foods you can add to your salad.  Even so, you want to choose the best add-ins for your bodies needs.  Typically, that means some type of Proteins.  Whether your choice is meat, fish or vegetable, getting enough protein is key to a balanced diet, especially if you are active and/or on track to improve your overall fitness level.  Here are a few protein rich add-in ideas to go greeninclude in your next salad:

Don’t Forget The Fat

FAT?  In a salad?  Yes.  Remember the three “building blocks” for healthy nutrition are protein, FAT, and carbohydrates.  So far, the salad base of one or more leafy greens covers the carbs.  Protein is gained through meat, meat or other high protein like tofu.  But fat is also and important and east add-in.  Most commonly, folks use healthy salad dressings for the fat component of their salad.  However, you can see from these resources that several protein sources do double duty as healthy fats.  Take a look:

Time To Make The Salad!go green

Here are a few MisionFiT recipes to help you get started!

Whether you are a veteran salad eater or eat vegetables once a week, take time to try out a salad or two this month.  Start small.  Just get a small plate and a handful of good greens.  Lay on a boiled egg or two or your favorite healthy meat and don’t forget the seeds, nuts, avocado or other healthy fat.  Then dig in!  We hope you will enjoy discovering the joys of a quick and easy salad as a snack, side or meal.

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