Faith Rx’d Friends Launch Awesome Leadership Event

Faith Rx'd Friends Launch Awesome Leadership Event, black and white logo, crown of thorns with Faith rx'd written across it

Our friends at Faith Rx’d do a wonderful job of leading. Leading more people to Christ and challenging believers to go deeper in their faith. They do a number of events throughout the year called their Iron Sharpens Iron camps, which have been highly transformational for athletes. However, this year, they have added something new to the calendar that we need to pay special attention to. They’re launching a new Leadership Event! Check it out below…


Faith Rx'd Friends Launch Awesome Leadership Event, black background and the word leadership written in sparklers



“What does this word mean to you? For us, it is what God has called us to do within our community through making disciples and serving others. This is why it’s the name of our annual leadership conference.

Get further equipped and encouraged to carry out the transformative work to which God has called us as one unified team around the globe. Collaborate on best practices and hear powerful speakers train key discipleship topics.”

Food, lodging and programming for kids are included, you just need to get your team and their families there – they will thank you!”