Five Week Women’s Health Series You Won’t Want To Miss!

5 Women Smiling for the Five Week Women's Health Series

The Office of Women’s Health advises many things can effect a woman’s health.  Stress in the family or on the job can take a toll on a woman’s overall health.  As a result, a woman can experience unwanted weight gain, depression or age related medical conditions.

And, if you’re an athlete here, you already know we preach a 5 fold health methodology: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Social. So, MissionFiT is offering a five week Women’s Health Series related to different aspects of women’s health.

Women’s Health Series Line-up:

Womens Health Event You Won't want to miss

July 9, 2020 7:00-8:00 pm

Pelvic Floor Education – Coach Sarah Cash

Sarah explained, “I love helping others realize their capabilities.  I also enjoy helping them take control of their fitness and health! As a result, I have a special interest teaching other women about pelvic floor health and postpartum core rehabilitation. If you pee a little when you jump, run, laugh, or sneeze, then join me!  We will learn how to improve your pelvic floor function!”

Womens Health Event You Won't want to miss

July 16, 2020 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Hormones:  Understanding & Beating Them

Laura Puckett, LAc., MASC, Acupuncturist & Women’s Health Specialist


Womens Health Event You Won't want to miss

July 23, 2020 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Our Best Defense: Staying Healthy Through Covid-19 Pandemic

Keiran Llaneza, PA

I will cover tips to boost overall health.  I will also go into which foods and supplements are best to boost our immune response.

Keiran Llaneza is a native Charlottean who attended undergraduate at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama where she majored in biology.  She then attended the Medical University of South Carolina where she obtained a masters of Physician Assistant degree.  Her first job as a physician assistant was in pediatric urology and she has continued there on and off for 15 years.  She has also worked in the Emergency Department and general pediatrics at Atrium Health for 6 years.  In her extra time, she is at home raising her 6 children and carpooling them to all the different activities.  She also likes to exercise and read.

Womens Health Event You Won't Want to miss

July 30, 2020 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Recharging Your Battery

Zoe Elmore, Christian Women’s Speaker

Zoë is a powerful, passionate and effective Bible teacher who challenges women to live beyond their circumstances. She is an anointed and gifted communicator .  Zoë is a beautiful servant-leader who prays for, encourages, and invests in you and the women attending your event. Described as “Captivating and charming with a dash of energy and sparkle”, her inspiring teaching impels women toward a life of intentional spirituality.

The pressures and pitfalls of this busy and distracting culture are many.  Moreover, priorities will mix up and the unimportant becomes urgent.  So is it possible for women to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

Is your spiritual life is wiped out, worn out and gasping for breath?  Then join us!   Discover practical ways to refresh, recharge and re-energize your spiritual batteries.

Zoe’s message will help women:

  1. Recognize a “Bossy Boots” attitude and the unhealthy consequences.
  2. Discover a biblical quiet time strategy to boost their spiritual life.
  3. Benefit from a creative approach to recharging spiritual energy.



August 6, 2020 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Boundaries & How They Impact Our Physical Health

Emily Wright Lee, MA, LMFT, Emotional Fitness Counselor

Twenty years ago, I began my work with individuals and families in acute crisis. These folks became hopeful and offered practical help as they maneuvered life in new circumstances. I am grateful to sit with people in a variety of crises, life stages, relationship struggles, and painful situations.  So, I am glad to be a practical and hopeful voice.

“On August 6th I’ll be giving  participants a practical and new way to express themselves to there closest friends and family that leads to more connection and understanding . You’ve had this tool all along but most likely haven’t learned how to use it.  Looking forward to it!”

Womens Health Event You Wont want to miss

How To Register

Because COVID-19 restrictions, only 8 people will be allowed for any seminar in-person.  As a result, you must register for the full series then pick one night for in-person seminar.  Then, use  the Zoom link provided for the remaining seminars.  In-Person Registration will be on a first come/first served basis.

The entire seminar series is only $10 per person.  So, register HERE Today!

*Seminars will be recorded in case you miss a session.


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