So Our BINGO Big Winner

Cartoon of Person with Hands in Air Shouting BINGO!

Our BINGO big winner is Emily Snodgrass.  Emily, a clinical mental health counselor, crushed the Covid Challenge.  Emily won the challenge prize for “blacking out” her COVID Bingo card during the month of May.

Two Ways to Win

Complete A Line of Three Activities…

Sally Hentz was the first to achieve this goal about midway through the challenge.

…Or “Black Out” The Card or Complete the Most Tasks within 30 Days

So, how did Emily do it?  She proved her dedication and discipline over 30 days of digging into the Word of God, logging miles, completing at-home MissionFit workouts, drinking water and eating healthy (among other activities).

In Her Own Words…

“For me, quarantine has meant sitting for most of the day for video counseling sessions and meetings. In order to steward my body well, I knew I had to be even more intentional with self-care than normal. Making sure I’m moving, drinking lots of water, and scheduling breaks away from screens have been critical for me during this time.”

If you happen to visit Peachland United Methodist Church in Anson County, give Emily a wave!

Congratulations, Emily!  

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