Baselining is Complete for ReStart and LeaderFiT Athletes as of last week!

This is a huge milestone for both groups.


Baselining is Complete for ReStart and LeaderFiT Athletes!, "Time to evaluate" is written on a chalkboard


If you’re looking to get into better shape, the first thing that exercise experts recommend is for you to determine your fitness baseline, which is your current physical fitness level. What this does is give you a point of reference to help you measure your progress as you work towards your fitness goals. If you don’t have an established baseline, it will be difficult to determine whether the exercises you’re doing are helping you to reach your fitness goals or not.


The way to determine your fitness baseline is to take a series of measurements, some of which require you to perform certain exercises, while others are more in line with what a doctor would check for during a physical exam.


This is how we find our leader’s starting point on their healthy living journey!


Once they perform these various tests and we gather all of our measurables, we have a better picture of their current physical fitness level; what kind of shape their temple is currently sitting in. We can then begin to pinpoint the areas in which they’re struggling or need improvement, and tailor their experience to address those areas. Performing these assessments periodically will give us a good indication of how their fitness is improving as they work toward their goals/a healthy temple.


No matter which phase of fitness our athletes are in, there’s always measurables being assessed. Goals and progress are always needed on both sides of the table here. That said, we are officially done with gathering our baselines for both current programs running this fall. Health Screening Day was the other week, which you can look back at details from that experience in this blog post here. And this past week was movement baselining for both our ReStart Your Heart athletes and our LeaderFiT athletes.


Our ReStart athletes completed a mobility screening as well as a measurable workout while our LeaderFiT athletes completed 5 measurable workouts testing different aspects of their fitness. We’re excited to see the transformation in November!


What does the Bible say about testing?


Baselining is complete for ReStart and LeaderFiT athletes, wood background with the James 1:2 verse on it


“How we wish we could find some La-Z-Boy we could relax in while getting the benefits of exercise. But no such thing exists. In the same way, when we’re running in the race of life, we can’t be sitting. You can’t run and stand still at the same time. If you are sitting, you are not running. If you are running, you are not sitting.


Even as muscle gets stronger through use as it’s broken down and built up, the same is true of faith. James 1 says, “When all kinds of trials and temptations crowd into your lives my brothers, don’t resent them as intruders, but welcome them as friends! Realize that they come to test your faith and to produce in you the quality of endurance” (verses 2–3 NLT).


God will test our faith for our own good. I know we would like to have trouble-free lives. I know we would like to have temptation free-lives. It’s been said that one Christian who has been tempted is worth a thousand who haven’t. It’s also said that Christians are a lot like teabags; you don’t know what they are like until after you put them into hot water.


Faith grows stronger through testing. Take Abraham for example. The Lord started by telling him to leave his country. Later on God told him to take his son Isaac and lay him on the altar. He started with a simple test and went on to a more difficult one.


We’ll go through series of tests in our Christian lives of faith, and each one will make us stronger. Yes, the tests will get harder. But we’ll get even stronger, because God is whipping us into shape for greater challenges and greater opportunities. Everything is preparation for something else.”


In the race of life, there’s no sitting down.


Pastor Greg Laurie



“Faith grows stronger through testing”

… does your wellness game!