For our newest leaders, excitement is building taking back their health. At the health screenings the other week, we asked about outcomes they are hoping to get out of this.


“If you fail to plan you plan to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

You don’t get better when you win, you actually get better in the process of trying to win. You get better by WORKING towards something challenging, and by experiencing the journey of pursuing something that matters to you. The mark of any great success is the journey it has endured on the path. Improvement isn’t made by people doing nothing. This journey will be hard. It will not be easy. But never give up! The journey starts with knowing where we’re going and how we’re getting there. Focus On HOW You’ll Succeed Not The End Result You Want. AFTER ALL, 


Excitement is Growing Taking Back Their Health, in red lettering "A Goal without a plan is just a wish"

Here’s what we collected:


Excitement is Building for Taking Back their Health, spreadsheet of tallies of who is focused on which areas coming into the program


To a great extent, our incoming class has very typical expectations in terms of benefits derived by participating in MissionFiT’s “ReStart Your Heart” experience.  Our multifaceted approach results in very positive results for all participants who are committed to improving both their physical and overall health.  


Everyone was asked to list the three outcomes they were hoping to achieve and not surprisingly, the top two goals were weight loss and improved fitness through a structured and consistent exercise program. Building strength through muscle toning was the third most popular outcome favored by our most recent flight of classes.


What’s a little ironic about the above responses is how they are related.  For example, regular exercise is instrumental in building strength and toning muscles.  And the fact that exercise when combined with improved nutritional habits serve as the cornerstone for achieving essentially all of the other desired outcomes listed above.  Most people are aware of the benefits of exercising, but many are not aware of how difficult or impossible it is to lose weight through exercise alone no matter how intense the workout may be.  This is evidenced by the small number of responses that listed nutrition as a desired outcome. Smart nutritional habits and informed dietary decisions must augment any program designed to improve general well-being.  Exercise alone cannot overcome a poor diet which is why our ReStart Program puts much emphasis on these two aspects of health.  


There are so many benefits to living a healthy lifestyle.  Healthy people live longer and enjoy life more fully, become more self-confident, experience improved problem-solving skills and handle stressful situations more effectively.  So deciding to be more fit and healthy is a decision you can live with!!!


Stay up on these leader’s journey into wellness over the next several months on our FitBits Blog.