Five Week Women’s Health Series

Five Week Women's Health Series You Won't Want To Miss! The Office of Women's Health advises many things can effect a woman's health.  Stress in the family or on the job can take a toll on a woman's overall health.  As a result, a woman can experience unwanted weight gain, depression or age related medical conditions. And, if you're an [...]

MissionFiT’s Summer Journey: National Parks Expedition Challenge

Join MissionFiT's Summer Journey! National Parks Expedition Challenge From coast to coast, in Alaska and Hawaii, and in US Territories, the United States is filled with breath-taking and unusual sites.  Get out and explore this country's great landscapes, national monuments and historic parks -- virtually!  Join MissionFiT's 2nd Annual Summer Journey Challenge: National Parks Expedition Edition. When: June 8 - [...]

A Pediatrician’s Pandemic Immune Support Plan

A Pediatrician's Pandemic Immune Support Plan Because of many questions she has received concerning her own family's handling of Covid-19, Healthy Kids Happy Kids Founder, Dr. Elisa Song, has developed a pediatrician's pandemic immune support plan.  Here is Dr. Song's Pandemic Immune Support Plan"in a nutshell": First Priority: Optimize Diet & Lifestyle Second Priority: Harness the Power of Food as Medicine Third [...]

Our First Bingo Winner!

Our First Bingo Winner!   Announcing Sally Hentz as our first bingo winner! Sally complete three consecutive blocks on the MissionFit Bingo Board. If you recall... MissionFit Corona-cation Bingo consists of nine blocks of activities: 30 Days of MissionFit Workouts 30 Days of Water 4 Hours in the Word of God 30 Miles Walking Outside 250 Hours of Sleep 10 [...]

Iron Sharpens Iron 2020 Winners!

Iron Sharpens Iron 2020 Winners! The Big Reveal! Before we get to our Iron Sharpens Iron 2020 winners, recall that Iron Sharpens Iron 2020 consisted of four workouts occurring over four weeks, which began with workout #1, Monday, March 9, 2020.  Then a new workout was released every Monday during the four weeks of Iron Sharpens Iron.  This was a [...]

Iron Sharpens Iron Event #4

Iron Sharpens Iron Event #4 The first few weeks of competition are complete.  Today, March 30, 2020 begins Iron Sharpens Iron Event #4.  Teams have persevered to reach the LAST obstacle in the Iron Sharpens Iron competition.  This one will separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls, give others a chance to set a personal best [...]

Maintain Momentum

Maintain Momentum Health Habits for Sustained Ministry Impact These unique times present unique opportunities for Christians to serve and shine the light of Christ in difficult circumstances.  Remember that wherever the Spirit directs us to serve, our physical bodies will be a vehicle for that service or, at least, come along for the ride!  To serve well, we will need [...]

Iron Sharpens Iron Event #3

Iron Sharpens Iron Event #3 The first week of competition is complete.  Today, March 23, 2020 begins Iron Sharpens Iron Event #3.  Competition between teams is fierce and the competitors are proving their worth on the gym floor.  Read on to discover the next obstacle teams must improvise, adapt and overcome. Iron Sharpens Iron! Recall: Iron Sharpens Iron consists of [...]

Iron Sharpens Iron Event #2

Iron Sharpens Iron Event #2 Half-way through the competition and ISI teams all over the Charlotte-Metro area are celebrating.  So far, teams have been tested for time and endurance.  Iron Sharpens Iron Event #2 promises to deliver both! Iron Sharpens Iron! Recall: Iron Sharpens Iron consists of four workouts occurring over four weeks, beginning with workout #1 on Monday, March [...]

MissionFiT’s Sally Hentz

MissionFiT's Sally Hentz In addition to being MissionFiT's Wellness Challenge winner, Sally Hentz is a corporate paralegal on the Global Services Team at Moore & Van Allen.  She has been with the MissionFiT team for about a year. Sally has lived in Charlotte for almost 40 years.  While she lives her Mom, Kay, and step-dad, Sherman, she also spends time [...]

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