Hear a Fitness Testimony from a professional athlete. Many professional athletes get caught up “in the world” over time, but not this woman. Meet Becky Conzelman; two sport professional athlete, wife, super-mom, founder of non-profit, Faith Rx’d, and most importantly super follower of Christ! She’s also a dear friend of this ministry.

As you know, we are all about Christian Fitness and on Testimony Tuesday’s we like to honor and highlight Christians that are stewarding their temple well. People that are wonderful examples for the community.


FiTness Testimony from a Professional Athlete, headshot of a blonde woman in a black tank top. At the bottom of the picture it says "The athlete mindset"

“My name is Becky Conzelman. I have been married to Jim Conzelman for 21 years and have two children, Kylie (11) and Tyler (9).  My strengths include leading and encouraging others to lead in ministry.  I am passionate about my faith, my family and fitness, especially CrossFit.  I desire to see each person within our CrossFit community know the love of Christ and live for him with the same tenacity as we train for our sport. I need more patience and much better administrative skills! I am learning to enjoy the present and have more balance in my life.”


When you think of your fitness journey, what 3 words come to mind? 

“Dedication, Acceptance, Passion”

FiTness Testimony from a Professional Athlete, athlete coming off the field in a yellow tanktop with the media close by


“Athletics have always been a big part of life, and were my saving grace before I knew Jesus as my saving grace. At 28 I began pursuing a life dream of making the 2004 Olympic Team (see athlete new testament). I learned so much through this process and accepted that it brought God more glory for me to not make the Olympic team had a made it. I never intended competitive sport to reenter my life and started CrossFit as a way to get back in shape after having two children.  After barely missing qualifying for the 2010 games, the competitive fire was reignited and I won the 2011 Atlantic Regional and competed at the CrossFit games from 2011-2015. As Faith Rx’d began to grow, I was no longer able to commit the same amount of time as an athlete but continue to stay in shape through CrossFit.”


FiTness Testimony from a Professional Athlete, blonde female athlete in black tank top doing a bar muscle up


In relationship to your fitness journey, share the specific triumphs and obstacles you have faced. What has been the biggest area of growth, and the hardest area to overcome with your fitness journey?

“Not making the Olympic cycling team in 2004 was certainly life changing.  I had heard a phrase in college that the ‘size of your God determines the outcome of your life.’ Other phrases like, ‘if you dream it, it WILL happen.’ Well, I can honestly say I have huge faith, whole heartily believed I would be walking around the Olympic oval and also felt very confident that God put the passion and desire on my heart to ‘go for the Olympics’.  The end result was disappointing and confusing. IF God called me to this and I believed with all my heart it could happen and trained with 100 percent commitment, then why didn’t it?  I learned that “many are the plans of a mans heart, but its the Lord purpose that prevails.’ God certainly refined me through this and my faith in his perfect plan was strengthened.  I have reasoned that it brought him more glory for me to not make the Olympics than had I, and I can rest in that.  Whether He was saving me from elevated pride I don’t know, but still trust him and his perfect plan.

Chapter #2, scaling back as a competitive CrossFit athlete to taking group classes 3-4 times a week has been an adjustment.  I absolutely love to compete but I’m also not willing to sacrifice my family to be competitive during this busy season of starting a non-profit.  I have had to readjust my expectations in the gym and sacrifice my desire to compete. At the same time, I have also watched God change my desires and working at at Faith Rx’d booth and sharing God’s love burns deeper in my heart now than competing.  It’s a massive sacrifice to be an athlete although I would LOVE it, I just cannot right now.”

FiTness Testimony from a Professional Athlete, two cyclists in a race in red cycling gear


What ways have you implemented in your life to allow you to actively pursue wellness?

“God gives us one body and I aim to steward the body He has given. Exercise at least 3 times a week and eating healthy has always been a priority.  Staying strong in the faith and taking time to be in God’s work, listen and pray are disciplines that are a constant in my life.”


Aside from personal relationships, what motivates you on your pursuit of wellness and your fitness journey?

“I love to exercise and see it as a form of worship.  I guard against worshipping exercise but rather see fitness as a way to worship God by staying in shape and loving those around me as we share in the suffering together!”


FiTness Testimony from a Professional Athlete, a mom with her son and daughter posing after a workout together in their front yard


Among your personal support system, who do you find has been your biggest fan and given you the most encouragement to maintain your training?

“Absolutely my husband.  He is such a big fan he has almost pushed me to re-enter the competitive ring against my will lol. From cycling to CrossFit, he has sacrificed and been with me every step of the way.”


FiTness Testimony from a Professional Athlete, husband and wife in army gear and war paint posing with guns back to backFiTness Testimony from a Professional Athlete, husband and wife posing as a happy couple in front of the fire place, she is sitting on his lap and they are looking happily into one another's eyes











What has been your experience of fitness training in groups and alone? What is your preference and why?

“Community all day every day.  I am a high extrovert and feed from the energy of others.  Plus, you never know when someone might need a hug and I find joy in helping others.”


FiTness Testimony from a Professional Athlete, two female athletes fist bumping before a workout where they will go head to head


How has investing in wellness and fitness changed your life? Have you seen an affect on your spiritual life?

“The disciplines of sport have helped me to understand how to train the disciplines of my spiritual life.  It takes commitment and a rugged determination to have a vibrant spiritual life. When I am grounded in the Word, fellowship and prayer this provides an anchor for the rest of my life to unfold with a sense of clarity and purpose.”


What do you feel the connection between faith and health is?

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things.  We need to keep both in balance, but put God in his rightful place- as a priority in our life.” 

FiTness Testimony from a Professional Athlete, family of four posing with silly faces at a wedding in front of a cross


What reasons would you give another to begin a fitness journey of their own?

“We are called to be good stewards of our bodies. It is FUN and exciting, and the community that can develop can be amazing.  Physical disciplines can translate into spiritual discipline and vice versa. I cannot imagine life without faith and fitness.”


FiTness Testimony from a Professional Athlete, female athlete running onto the court slapping all her teammates hands



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