Are The Athens Adventurers Playing Fútbol And Softball?

Futbol & SoftballIf you’re watching television, you’ve already noticed that the XXXII (32nd) Olympiad of the “modern era” begins early with round robin games of Fútbol (Soccer), Softball & Rowing.   Our Athens Adventurers haven’t had to row or “Scull” yet, but they have played abbreviated games of soccer & softball.


So tells us that “Fútbol” is the Spanish translation of the term “football”.  The game is better known in the US and in Canada as Soccer or Association Football.  In case you’re wondering, Fútbol is the phonetic spelling of the term.

There are many variations of the sport we know as “Football”.  In each variation, the idea is to kick a ball to score a goal.    The earliest club was formed in the mid-18th century in England and spread by way of Europeans sailing to other places like South America.  The first football club was established in Argentina in 1867.  As the sport grew in popularity, so did the name.

Futbol & SoftballWhen To Watch Futbol, Softball & Other Events

XXXIII Olympiad Schedule

All scheduled events are listed and searchable by day at  In addition, you can find results for each game and/or event of interest.  So it’s easy to stay up to date on your favorite teams and sporting events.  And remember:  If you plan on watching any of the action live, Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of Washington, DC (Eastern Daylight Time).

MissionFiT Team Standings

While we won’t read any MissionFiT team box scores here, let’s find out which country is leading in the Prescribed All-Inclusive (Rx), Scaled All-Inclusive and Specific Divisions:

Rx’d All Inclusive

Honduras – 20

New Zealand – 13

Austria – 11

Italy – 10

USA – 5

Haiti – 4

Mexico – 2


Scaled All Inclusive

Switzerland – 14

Kenya – 13

Greece – 9

Scotland – 9

Madagascar – 4



Sweden – 14

Cayman Islands – 8


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