Freedom From The Screen

We all need Freedom From The Screen! Spiritually and practically!     "Come to Him, and find rest, friends. Put down your phone, your iPad, your device. Let Him teach you as He is teaching me – about grace, rest, and being still." says Revelation Wellness leader. Check out this great article from a fellow Christian Fitness Brand on the [...]

New Year’s Resolutions from God – What If?

you let someone else write your New Year's Resolutions this year? you gave the full authority over your life to someone else? you gave that to God this year?   When a brand new year arrives we tend to feel the hype about action. We make: a list of new goals resolutions write out our OUR grand new plans and [...]

Learn how to be Imperfectly Free from Alisa Keeton

Learn how to be Imperfectly Free from Alisa Keeton     Revelation Wellness is a great Christian Fitness ministry. Their focus is "Love God. Get Healthy. Be Whole. Love Others." They teach fitness instructors how to bring Jesus into their fitness experience. Alisa Keeton is the founder and she posts frequent inspiring blog posts you should check out, starting with [...]