Spiritual Self-Control

In 2022, MissionFiT will help athletes explore the spiritual aspects of their lives by encouraging individual study and in-class group discussion beginning with the "Fruits of the Spirit".  So, the first "fruit" to consider is Spiritual Self-Control Self-control is pretty important in every day life.  For instance, fire is necessary.  Fire under control has many uses in our homes and [...]

Worn Paths & New Trails

  Worn Paths & New Trails MissionFiT as an organization has come a long way.  Yet there's still a lot to accomplish for members, coaches and the administrative board.  Let's start our walk down the worn paths with a few highlights from 2021 and see what new trails lie ahead for 2022. 2021 Recap Since the COVID pandemic began, MissionFiT [...]

2022 New-Trition Challenge

MissionFiT's 2022 New-Trition Challenge! New-Trition?  Sure!  New Year = New-Trition.  Get it?  If not, then you aren't participating in MissionFiT's 2022 New-Trition Challenge.  This annual 6 week challenge is designed to help MissionFiT athletes get back on track with healthy eating habits after the holidays.  So whether you are new to the family or a seasoned veteran in the community, [...]

Progress…Not Perfection

Progress...Not Perfection As a new year begins, many people look back at what they did...or didn't accomplish.  But don't get discouraged.  Think progress...not perfection.  Every time you take one step forward, you are further along in your journey to better health.  Every change you make toward your goal is progress.  Sometimes, especially if you are having a particularly hard season [...]

“Stress Emergency” Planning

Imagine the following conversation: "911 - What's Your Emergency?"  "Do need police, fire or MEDIC?" "I am stressed out!!!  I need EVERYBODY!!!" Actually, what you really need is to learn... "Stress Emergency" Planning Schools have fire drills in case of a fire.  Play actors have rehearsals before the opening night.  So, too, we need to learn Stress Emergency Planning before [...]

Turkey Trot 5K

Lace up your running shoes and strap on your pack because it's time for MissionFiT's Turkey Trot 5K! Join MissionFiT athletes in giving thanks by giving back to two local non-profit agencies while completing a (very) local Turkey Trot 5K.  The rules are simple and the route is simpler.  All you need is a good pair of running shoes, a [...]

Shoes Make The Athlete

Coach K recently fielded a question from an athlete about which shoes are best for workouts at the garage or at home.  Learn her take on this highly personal question and why Shoes Make The Athlete! While "clothes might make the man", read on to learn not only how shoes make the athlete, but also how to know when you [...]

Start At The Top!

The 5 Fold Fitness model touted by MissionFiT specifically encourages athletes to care for themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially.  So, let's Start At The Top! And what's at the top of your body?  Your head.  This is  why it's important to start at the top when you look at your overall health.  Did you know that head posture [...]

Your Health Matters

In conjunction with his message series "Winning Habits", Pastor Brian Duley of Nikeo Church, Charlotte, NC, sat down with MissionFiT Founder Kelsey Elmore.    Their discussion centered around why... Your Health Matters There are a few reasons why your health matters.  The first and most obvious is that you should care about your own health.  Think about it..  You care [...]

Stretching Under The Stars

Let's look at some benefits to Stretching Under The Stars When you think of "stretching under the stars", images on pup tents, clear moonless skies and peaceful sounds of nature may flow through your imagination.  But the folks at MissionFiT aren't referring to a mid-summer's eve camping trip, or even a stay-cation in your backyard with your kids. Practicing Yoga [...]