Develop Neuroplasticity:  Learn Five “New” Tricks You Can Teach Your “Old” Brain!

Teach Your Old Brain New Tricks…Or so the saying goes.  But, according to the Urban Monk, you can teach your “old” brain some “new” tricks, just by doing things a little bit differently.

Urban Monk blog contributor, Lucy Schlessinger, writes about the brain’s train-ability to do new things, which can benefit you in everyday life.

This ‘train-ability’ is called neuroplasticity.  If you’re a MissionFit athlete or have been reading recent posts on the site, then you should be somewhat familiar with the concept of neuroplasticity.

Re-Training The Brain

In her article, Hack Your Neuroplasticity With These Five Tricks, Schlessinger writes:

“There’s trauma stuck in your brain and your autonomic nervous system (ANS) patterns.  These aren’t fixed, immovable structures – they can be changed by trauma and neural exercises.” 

MissionFiT athletes participating in person recently completed warm-up exercises including:

  • Scattergories Rounds While Planking
  • Slam Ball “Hot Potato”
  • One Foot Balance While Removing Sneaker

If you want a challenge, try thinking of 10 different words that start with “J” while trying to maintain a steady elbow plank!  That’s the basics behind neuroplasticity.  By learning something new, you can develop your brain to respond more quickly and easily to difficult life events.

Benefits To Training Your “Old” Brain  Teach Your Old Brain New Tricks

  • Break free from habits that don’t serve them & build new ones
  • Learn new skills
  • Manage reactive emotions
  • Think more clearly & expand the ability to focus

Additionally, Intermittent Fasting can also help your brain rewire itself by lowering leptin levels in your system.  According to Schlessinger, “Leptin is a hormone that signals to the brain you’ve got enough stored fat, and this makes it so you’re not hungry. When leptin levels are lowered during fasting, the brain receives a signal to produce more energy, which then repairs cells and promotes neuron growth.”  And more neuron growth equals more neuro-pathways for your brain to follow.  Sounds like a win-win for your brain and your body!

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