Carmel Cares, so they’re getting FiT, so they can serve stronger!


Carmel Cares, the front of Carmel's building at dusk


Carmel Baptist Church is one of the church teams we’re serving this season and it’s been more than a blessing to serve them. The encouragement to one another, the dedication to make healthy changes in life, the life within the group is just inspiring to watch.

So far, all of our groups have completed the seminars with Dale Fletcher of Faith and Health Connection, set goals, received their ICP’s (Individual Care Plans), learned the nitty gritty about Hydration and the 3 types of rest, and some new fun movements. Well, we at least think they’re fun 😉

Here at MissionFiT, we believe that when your temple is in tip top condition, it frees it up to be able to serve more and better. Well, this is a team already serving well, so we we can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks brings! We wanted to share some of the excitement with you, so check out this short video of the team being “FiT”, Faithful In Training. Carmel cares, so they’re getting FiT, so they can serve stronger.

Keep crushin’ it Carmel! We love you!



Continue tracking our Pastor’s progress HERE over the next several weeks.