MissionFiT is Expanding!

“Five-Fold Fitness” now serving a larger, more diverse community.

We are expanding in our areas of service from church leadership teams to several other areas in need:

– Missionaries

– Non-profits

– Christian businesses

– And…the ‘every-day’ Christian who wants to be healthy to better serve in their realm of God’s Kingdom.


Focus on the Family

MissionFiT is Expanding

Additionally we are building onto our model of stewarding leaders and their spouses to include supporting all ages within the family.


“Watch me”: Infants can hang out in a pack-n-play and watch or older kids (to age 7) can play on the sidelines near Mom/Dad.

“Do with me”: Children (8-12) can participate in our ‘My Parent and Me’ classes. Parent and child enjoy class time together.MissionFiT is ExpandingMissionFiT is Expanding

“You do”: Teenagers (13-18) jump in with our Youth Director, Nic Hess through Special teen classes. Like we say at home “I can’t make you believe in Jesus, but you’ll know exactly what we believe before you launch out of our nest.” The same is true for “fitness”:  “I can’t make you steward your temple well, but you’ll know exactly how to before you launch out of my nest”.


Remember parents, YOU are the primary disciple maker.

“Children observe your behavior. During the first five years of life, children learn many critical behaviors including how to eat. Research shows that how parents eat — the beliefs, attitudes, and practices surrounding food and eating — can significantly impact children for life.

“That healthy attitude carries into adolescence. About one-third of American early adolescents (10–14 years) are obese.  Poor diet and physical inactivity play significant roles in obesity and chronic disease. Many adolescents in this age group eat about two-thirds of their food at hone. Until children reach work age and can purchase their own food, you have primary say about what foods are allowed in your home (and which ones aren’t).

Healthy living extends into movement. Studies show when parents prioritize fitness, their children and especially adolescents are also more likely to do so.



MissionFiT is Expanding!

If you are interested in registering for the Fall season, click HERE.

For more information, please email info@missionfitlife.com.

Because really, if you’re truly a follower of Christ, ministry is life and done every day everywhere.