Spotlight Pastor Athlete, Theo Schaffer

Another round of Pastors have just completed our ReStart Your Heart Program and we couldn't be more pleased with the results! As you've seen, this week, we are sharing the stories of our most recent 3 success stories. Today's spotlight athlete is Pastor Theo Schaffer. This man is one of the most driven and charismatic people we've ever met. He [...]

Retired CMPD Officer Becomes Fitness Coach

Retired CMPD Officer Becomes Fitness Coach ac·cu·ra·cy ˈakyərəsē/ noun: the quality or state of being correct or precise. Accuracy is also one of CrossFit's 10 General Physical Skills. Pam's accuracy seems to be pretty darn impressive, doesn't it?! One of the millions of reasons we love her so dearly. She's protected our city for decades and now she's a stellar coach for MissionFiT, [...]