Seek the City Challenge is here!

Challenge Yourself to Seek the City, the history…

and gems of our Queen City this season….with a little challenge tossed in the mix.  So, in a format similar to that of the famous TV series, The Amazing Race, let’s Seek The City!

November 13th – January 3rd

2 track options to sign up for: Rx or Scaled


Find a partner…

MissionFiT athlete or not; only 1 person needs to be a MissionFiT athlete and start racking up some points! *Events do not have to be done together.

$10 per team to register

You will be able to see…

all challenges ahead of time.  You can complete them in any order that suits you.  So, choose your adventure!  Remember:  Not all challenges need to be done together. 

However, you are running against the clock.  All challenges must be completed by January 3, 2021 – 3-2-1-GO!


Seek the City’s 21 Challenges Include…

biking, hiking, Nerf gun targeting, neighboring, sightseeing, fun & games, laughter, relationship building and maybe a little pain along the way – all Covid friendly. 


Prizes for those that complete every challenge.

1st place team wins a massage for each teammate + some extra goodies.


Have you had a tough season?  Did you fall off the fitness track?  Then here’s a fun and encouraging way to get back on track. 


Grab a partner & Register HERE.