Turkey Trot 5K

Lace up your running shoes and strap on your pack because it's time for MissionFiT's Turkey Trot 5K! Join MissionFiT athletes in giving thanks by giving back to two local non-profit agencies while completing a (very) local Turkey Trot 5K.  The rules are simple and the route is simpler.  All you need is a good pair of running shoes, a [...]

Shoes Make The Athlete

Coach K recently fielded a question from an athlete about which shoes are best for workouts at the garage or at home.  Learn her take on this highly personal question and why Shoes Make The Athlete! While "clothes might make the man", read on to learn not only how shoes make the athlete, but also how to know when you [...]

Start At The Top!

The 5 Fold Fitness model touted by MissionFiT specifically encourages athletes to care for themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially.  So, let's Start At The Top! And what's at the top of your body?  Your head.  This is  why it's important to start at the top when you look at your overall health.  Did you know that head posture [...]

Your Health Matters

In conjunction with his message series "Winning Habits", Pastor Brian Duley of Nikeo Church, Charlotte, NC, sat down with MissionFiT Founder Kelsey Elmore.    Their discussion centered around why... Your Health Matters There are a few reasons why your health matters.  The first and most obvious is that you should care about your own health.  Think about it..  You care [...]

Stretching Under The Stars

Let's look at some benefits to Stretching Under The Stars When you think of "stretching under the stars", images on pup tents, clear moonless skies and peaceful sounds of nature may flow through your imagination.  But the folks at MissionFiT aren't referring to a mid-summer's eve camping trip, or even a stay-cation in your backyard with your kids. Practicing Yoga [...]

What Do I Crave?

MissionFiT offers a new Bible/book study based on the book Made To Crave.  Even before the study is complete you will be asking "What Do I Crave?" We all crave something.  Sometimes it's a favorite food or sometimes it's more meaningful like time away with family.  However, when you ask yourself "What do I crave?", do you even think about "craving" [...]

Adventure to Athens Winners

It's been a long, hot summer!  But MissionFiT Teams ran, swam, walked, hiked and even "flew" all around Greece to reach Athens! Who Are The Adventure To Athens Winners? Not only did these teams log in miles, but they also learned about different sports featured in the Olympic Games.  Sports such as Golf, Table Tennis and Archery were featured along [...]

What’s My Goal?

What's My Goal? At MissionFiT, each quarter finds athletes taking time to assess where they started along with any progress during the previous three months.  Whatever the next step for you, ask yourself "What's My Goal?"  Then, when you ask the question, keep these things in mind: Measurable. Realistic. Godly – not aesthetic! Do you want to move toward "cleaner" [...]

New Restore Plan This Fall

MissionFiT is growing and with that growth come some change and updates to existing classes.  So take a minute and Check Out The New Restore Plan This Fall! Not only is there a new ReStore plan coming, but now MissionFiT is adding additional classes dedicated to the healing of the body.  These classes include physical therapy and a special night [...]

New Seminars: Barbell Movement & Pose Running

MissionFiT Helps Athletes Through New Seminars:  Barbell Movement & Pose Running Why is MissionFiT is offering two new seminars; barbell movements and pose running techniques?  One of the keys to building your overall strength in the gym is to learn new movements.  Even if you are a beginner in the gym, you can become more efficient in movement by learning [...]