This Testimony Tuesday we celebrate athlete Kelly Morenus. She’s a determined, dedicated, and delightful athlete & disciple of Christ!


Testimonial - Kelly Morenus, Kelly smiling in a white dress


Hello, my name is Kelly Morenus.  I am a Christian wife, mother, Grammie, daughter and sister with a wonderful husband, Ron, of 37 years. I have the blessing of serving my family daily.  Some of my strengths are creativity, organization, and being too honest. Areas in my life that need work are patience, delegating and taking time for myself.  My husband’s Deacon ministry at Hickory Grove includes me serving alongside him. We serve in the Homebound Ministry which involves making contact with four elderly church members monthly.  We have served in this capacity for over 15 years.


The three words that come to mind in my fitness journey are:

– Exciting

– Exhausting

– Rewarding


When I first started the classes…

I was very apprehensive. I see family members working out and it looks very easy for them.  I quickly realized that it would be a much slower and longer process than I originally thought. Through the weeks I have begun to grow stronger and have seen progress in strength and feeling much better overall.

The biggest triumphs or victory I have experienced…

thus far since beginning the journey into fitness, is being able to play and run with my granddaughter.  I have much more energy to perform daily tasks. One obstacle I have to face, is realizing that several of my body parts do not work like I want them to and are refusing to cooperate!


Testimonial - Kelly Morenus, Kelly cooking with her granddaughter


A motivation for me personally…

is to be able to keep my new kidney as healthy as possible and remain in compliance with my doctor’s orders.  Enduring many years of treatments and then to have a new organ has taken a lot out of me physically. I know by continuing my fitness journey, I will live longer and pray that my new kidney will outlive me.  My biggest encouragement is probably my coworkers. Being able to exercise with them twice a week and discuss our sessions helps. We can share what is working for us and what isn’t and encourage each other.


The connection between health and faith to me is…

that my body is a temple.  I have been through a lot in the last six years, but no doubt that was part of God’s plan.  He walked me through it and provided each step of the way. He removed me from a stressful job and brought me to Carmel Baptist for the next step of my journey.  Now he has provided a tool, the fitness class, to continue to grow me in faith and in my physical well-being.


By participating in the ReStart Your Heart experience…

I have seen a change in how I approach my nutrition as well as my activity level. I am continually reminded that my time with God has a direct impact on my physical challenges. 


Testimonial - Kelly Morenus, Kelly smiling with her husband all dressed up at a wedding outside.


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