13 Remarkable Health Benefits of Getting Outdoors

13 Remarkable Health Benefits of Getting Outdoors When you go on vacation with kids or other family or friends, someone in the car, on the plane or on the train will say "Are we there yet?"  There's some frustration built into the question, especially if it's from a younger member of your family.  However, it's good for the mind, body [...]

Christian Fitness – The “Why”

Christian Fitness is what MissionFiT is all about. Being FiT (Faithful in Training) for His mission in every way possible: heart, mind, soul, strength.   We often talk about the "what and how", but rarely the "why", which is perhaps even more important.   I once heard a pastor say, “our stories are worth sharing”. So here’s mine.   I [...]

Kids hear the Gospel at a Fitness Summer Camp

Kids are hearing the Gospel at a Fitness Summer Camp at a local organization, Urban Promise. If you've been following our movement there, MissionFiT is a part of the 6 week camp, and we've had an amazing time serving these little ones with fitness, but now the Gospel too! Fitness is a wonderful platform for the Gospel. One coach shares [...]

Veteran Wellness Program, Iron Eagles – Part 1

MissionFiT has it's own foundation, a Veteran Wellness Program called Iron Eagles. Iron Eagles' Mission: To Renew spirits, Rebuild Health, and Restore relationships within the veteran community. Iron Eagles' Vision: To provide holistic wellness care for veterans so they can experience a healthier transition to civilian life. Today we will break down the reality of the veteran community.  Here's [...]