Another round of Pastors have just completed our ReStart Your Heart Program and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

As you’ve seen, this week, we are sharing the stories of our most recent 3 success stories. Today’s spotlight athlete is Pastor Theo Schaffer. This man is one of the most driven and charismatic people we’ve ever met. He crushed his goals over an 8 week period of making us laugh and smile with his hilarious personality every session. As did his WIFE! This power couple for Christ are now continuing their new found life routines with ease. Theo’s a Pastor, our city’s Chaplain, a Husband, a Dad, an author, a public speaker and last but not least, a stellar follower of Christ!

So without further adieu, it’s a pleasure to introduce today’s spotlight athlete, Pastor Theo Schaffer!

Spotlight Pastor Athlete, Theo Schaffer, a dad doing pushups with his 2 year old son on his back

“My wife and I are closer now that fitness has given us new passions and talking points.”

As a recap here’s what was covered over the last 2 months of sessions with these Christian leaders and their wives:

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  • Connection between Faith and Health training
  • Assessments
  • Goal Setting
  • Goal Planning
  • Personalized Care Plan
  • Nutrition and Wellness Education
  • 1 month Meal Plan
  • Food tastings
  • 75 page Fuel Manual Resource
  • Fitness tool for home use, books, and other wellness tools
  • Weekly Planning and Accountability
  • Physical Training sessions
  • Post Care Planning

Hear Pastor Theo’s experience through the program…..

“My name is Theo Schaffer. I am the Pastor of a local church plant called Grace Church Charlotte, previously known as Word of Promise Christian Fellowship.  My wife, Patrice and our two cubs Xan and Ryleigh entered the fitness journey with me.  I think it’s safe to say I have lived two lives:  Before & After MissionFiT.  Before MissionFit, I struggled with eating habits, sleep balance and understanding the spiritual ramifications of not living a healthy lifestyle.  One family passion is to be fully optimized in our spiritual and natural being to better serve and do kingdom work. I’m excited to say that we have accomplished our goals of becoming fit, educated and better stewards of our lifestyles.


Spotlight Pastor Athlete Theo Schaffer, pastor and his family of 4 doing a selfie togetherSpotlight Pastor Athlete Theo Schaffer, Pastor theo sitting in a group during a news interview

When we started MissionFiT, we had no expectations.  After MissionFiT as a family, we have gained better versions of ourselves, including more energy, a new affinity for fitness, and better relationships. I think the relationship aspect of MissionFiT has been my favorite part of the whole experience. Someone walking with you through the workouts and nutrition makes it all more fun.  An extra bonus? My wife and I are closer now that fitness has given us new passions and talking points.  In fact, I think my wife and my coach have been my “biggest fans”.  Spotlight Pastor Athlete Theo Schaffer, pastor in a red jacket and grey hat smiling next to his wife with long hair and sunglasses smiling too

Before MissionFiT, I never thought about what I ate or even working out as a lifestyle.  I was inconsistent in sleep and managing meals, really knowing what to eat and what’s best to avoid.  Now, not only do I have a handle on these areas, I have the confidence to train others and help my kids enter into the culture of fitness.  I can’t tell a “favorite” movement because all of the things we learned were tough, but worth the effort.  I really enjoyed “ReStarting my Heart”.  It feels good to accomplish goals.  

Spotlight Pastor Athlete Theo Schaffer, pastor with a black hat and coat on high fiving a kid in a red and white shirtSpotlight Pastor Athlete Theo Schaffer, pastor in the pulpit preaching in grey jacket

I mentioned earlier about being fully involved in our spiritual lives.  After participating in MissionFiT’s Pastor’s course, I feel better about ministry.  Faith is better realized when the mind and body are well. Personally, I don’t feel the same sludge at random times.  I am reenergized from the small lifestyle changes made during the program.  Getting of the path to better overall fitness and wellness will change your life.”


Spotlight Pastor Athlete Theo Schaffer, black and white picture of a pastor sitting on stage in church, headshot pic

Theo and Patrice, you’ve been a blessing in our lives. It’s been an honor to serve you these last few months. Can’t wait to continue this friendship!!!