This is a Super FiT Christian leader you MUST get to know!

He’s physically fit AND Spiritually fit. He’s a heck of a fitness competitor, one of the strongest people we know. And a heck of a leader, disciplining dozens every year and leading more to Christ all the time. So without further adieu, this Testimony Tuesday we introduce to you – Jonathan Morgan! Thank you Jonathan for being such an amazing leader in so many ways. You’re a wonderful example of the Christian walk and how to steward a temple.

This is a super fit Christian leader you MUST get to know, headshot of man in a white dress shirt smiling

“My name is Jonathan Morgan, I’m originally from Northern Virginia but currently live in Southeast DC with my wife of a little over a year and my 4 month old son. I’ve been a believer for 11 years and came to faith as a freshman in college. I currently work for the same ministry that I came to faith in, Campus Outreach, and have been the Campus Director at Howard University for the past 4 years. Over the last 4 years I’ve grown tremendously in my love for the God and my love for people in doing this job. It’s been amazing to see the Lord save young men and see their lives changed. My hope is to move from this position one day into full time pastoral ministry. I really enjoy preaching and teaching God’s Word. Although walking with God has been the sweetest thing to ever happen to me, it’s not always the easiest thing. I still have much growing to do. I pray the Lord continue to grow me in relying on him in prayer more regularly, that he would continue to kill my self-righteousness and increase my compassion for those I encounter on a daily basis.”

This is a super fit Christian leader you MUST get to know, husband and wife sitting on the church stairs on their wedding day.This is a super fit Christian leader you MUST get to know, husband and wife coming home with their new baby

MissionFiT: When you think of your fitness journey, what 3 words come to mind? Give a short timeline describing your fitness journey from when it started to where it is today.

“Fitness has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. For my childhood, it came as a result of playing sports year-round. But the first time I became intentional about my fitness apart from sport was right after college when I discovered CrossFit. I was an exercise science major so my interest in fitness was already there, but application came when I became certified and began coaching at different gyms. I’ve been coaching CrossFit now for almost 8 years! I also was fortunate enough to compete at the regional CrossFit event 3 years in a row as an individual. With a lot less time between family and full time ministry, coaching CrossFit has been a means to get around even more non-believers for the sake of building relationships and sharing the Gospel.”


This is a super fit Christian leader you MUST get to know, crossfit competitor front squatting in a yellow tshirt, black shorts and sunglassesThis is a super fit Christian leader you MUST get to know, crossfit competitor doing a dumbbell snatch with his shirt off

MissionFiT: In relationship to your fitness journey, share the specific triumphs and obstacles you have faced. What has been the biggest area of growth, and the hardest area to overcome with your fitness journey?

“My biggest triumphs in my fitness journey would probably have to be qualifying for regionals 3 years in a row. The older I get the more I appreciate how fit I was! I enjoyed the mix of being able to compete still and stay in shape. Now a days I stay in shape for the quality of living aspect. My obstacles have been a recent injury that has really slowed my pace of fitness and forced me to admit. A little over a year ago I suffered a torn labrum in my hip and also found out I have hip dysplasia which doesn’t make me a good candidate for surgery. This was hard to hear, but I’ve been humbled by it and have learned to modify my workouts. The Lord is definitely growing me in expectations of my fitness and what things in life need to take priority.”

This is a super fit Christian leader you MUST get to know, athlete breathing with hands on hips, in black tshirt that says "humble beast"

MissionFiT: What ways have you implemented in your life to allow you to actively pursue wellness?

“As a newly married man I now have a new priority of my wife and son, and with that I’ve created my own personal home gym in our basement so that I’m able to get quick workouts in without all the time it would take to get to the gym and back. That along with being particular about how I schedule things has been helpful in getting workouts in.”


This is a super fit Christian leader you MUST get to know, work life as a Christian leader, Jonathan standing with his lead pastor and a group of college football players

MissionFiT: Aside from personal relationships, what motivates you on your pursuit of wellness and your fitness journey?

“Aside from relationships, I’m motivated to pursue wellness because the Lord makes it clear in his Word that all we have are gifts from him (James 1:17) and if this is true, then we must steward these gifts for the short time we have them, our bodies included. In addition to me trying to obey God, I also want to do what I can to be alive for my kids as long as I can.”


MissionFiT: Among your personal support system, who do you find has been your biggest fan and given you the most encouragement to maintain your training?

“My wife Chelsea, for sure. She wants to see me around for as long as possible and she wants me to get our money’s worth when it comes to the equipment we bought!

My son Ryle, he doesn’t know it, but he motivates me every time I hold him. I want to be a good example for him when it comes to fitness.

My Father-in-law, he’s currently experiencing some health issues, and as someone who I look up to, he encourages fitness and a healthy lifestyle.”


This is a super fit Christian leader you MUST get to know, husband looking longing at his beautiful wife on their wedding day

MissionFiT: What has been your experience of fitness training in groups and alone? 

“I like both, when I was competing, training with others was the best way to train. Now that I’m not, I still really enjoy having a friend come over and workout, but with the business of life it’s harder. Therefore, I train mostly by myself now.”


MissionFiT: How has investing in wellness and fitness changed your life? Have you seen an affect on your spiritual life?

“I discovered this about a year ago, but when I haven’t spent time workout I tend to sin against those closest to me more regularly. I struggle to love others and I tend to be lazier. No doubt in my mind that the chemicals that the body releases when it works out are helpful in how I interact with others… even my wife says she notices a difference.”


MissionFiT: What do you feel the connection between faith and health is?

“If we believe that God has truly created us to glorify him, then our health is one of many ways that we can do that. Like anything else, it can be made an idol, but when viewed rightly it can be a means to honor the Lord. Good health is usually a sign of a good steward when it comes to the Christian.”


MissionFiT: What reasons would you give another to begin a fitness journey of their own?

“The first and second commands… Fitness is a way to love God with all of your heart, soul, and strength, and it’s a way to love others. You love God by taking care of what he’s given you and you love others by either motivating them or by being healthy enough to not be a burden for them later in life, but instead a source of energy.”


Super FiT Christian Leader You MUST Get to Know, headshot of a man right after a workout with sunglasses on, a sweaty tshirt and pointing at the camera