Homeschool Health & P.E. Fall Registration Now Open!We Have Class Too! Homeschooler & P.E. Fall Registration Now Open!

Parents spend a significant amount of time, energy, and money to ensure that their children are well prepared for college.  But too often, young adults find that they aren’t equipped for the stresses and challenges that “real life” inevitably presents.  According to the National Institutes of Health, 1 in 3 teenagers will experience an anxiety disorder. Many are living out the physical and emotional toll caused by being tethered to their cell phones. But one of the most practical ways we can equip our children to lead balanced, fulfilling lives is to help them develop healthy patterns of thinking and living.  That’s why MissionFiT has offered parents Homeschool Health & P.E. for Fall 2020 and registration is now open!


Holistic Wellness Approach

Lazy boy laying on couch next to boy lifting dumbbells

There’s more to fitness than lifting a TV remote…

At MissionFiT, we’ve developed a Christ-centered, holistic approach to health and wellness. So, in response to the increasing demand coming from a rapidly growing homeschool population, we’ve  taken our 11 years of physical health experience and partnered with area professionals specializing in spiritual, mental, emotional, and social health.  The result is a tailored program serving the needs of homeschool families.  Why?  Because we aspire to train God’s followers to be good and faithful stewards of their temple. MissionFiT is an IRS approved non-profit 501c3 organization.



Who: Homeschooled middle and high school students
When: August 29 – November 25, 2x per week (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Friday)
Where: Classes will be held just off of Alexander Road in South Charlotte
Format: 24 classes in small group setting (or Zoom option available).  Online reading, videos, and assignments between classes

What: Physical training and best wellness practices to keep your body healthy.  Other topics included are emotional well-being, nutrition, stress management, as well as the relationship between spiritual and physical fitness

Tuition: $295 per student with 20% sibling discount

Tuition will include equipment (mobility balls and jump rope), class textbook and printed materials.   Access to our online learning system is also included.   The online learning system contains reading materials, homework, and videos from physical and mental health professionals curated specifically for this class. 

*Online athletes will be required to purchase an inexpensive set of free weights to use at home.


HOMESCHOOL HEALTH & P.E. FALL SEMESTER REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN: MissionFiT's Homeschool Health & P.E. Fall Registration Now Open!



During the course, your student will learn from our extensive and highly proficient teaching team:

  • What actual wellness is but also what it isn’t.
  • The connection between the five areas of fitness: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Social and Physical. MissionFiT's Homeschool Health & P.E. Fall Registration Now Open!
  • 65 strength building as well as functional movements and how to personally modify them.
  • Anatomy and physiology of the body with what muscles and joints are used in these movements.
  • Additional health components: sleep, hydration, vitamins, and Godly nutrition. 
  • How to apply biblical principles when dealing with stress.
  • How to identify anxiety and best practices for healthy, successful coping.
  • The effects of technology on the brain and its ripple effect on our health.
  • To re-frame adversity in their life as well as seeing it as a potential agent of strengthening, growth, and resiliency.
  • To build confidence on and off the gym floor. 
  • The art of meal planning and cooking.
  • To value God’s relational design for our life as well as connecting his design to our health. 
  • How to Create SMART goals on and off the gym floor.


Don’t miss out on a great opportunity. Help prepare your child for a life of health and wellness.

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