Summer’s here!  That means it’s time for MissionFiT’s Summer Journey.   This year, we

Trek Through Turkey!

Unlike past challenges, in which singles or teams of athletes walk, rode, skipped, swam or jumped their way through the challenges.  However, Trek Through Turkey participants face some brand new rules to follow.  Still, this year’s challenge looks to be fun for young and old alike.  Trek Through Turkey

“Trek Through Turkey” Details:

  • Date:  June 5 – July 30, 2022

  • Participants:  Partner Competition.  Partners can be fellow MF Athletes or a neighbor, friend, or relative who wants to play along!

  • Method:  Each challenge is on foot ONLY.

  • Scoring:  Teams receive points for the number of miles logged to any one destination each week.   LOWEST score wins.

  • Sign-up:  Choose your teammate and ensure your team is on the whiteboard in the gym.

Here’s what we mean:  Athletes will travel 8 different locations throughout Turkey.  Similar to the ISI challenge schedule, a new destination is posted each week on Monday in the gym or in the Monday e-mail.   Athlete teams have 1 week (the following Sunday) to complete the mileage to that destination.  When teams reach the destination, they notify Coach K.  If teams do not complete the mileage to any one destination, an automatic score of 8 will be given.  Each team earns points based on the number of days it takes the team to complete the mileage to a destination.  For example:

  • Location A to B is 40 miles. When you complete the distance, contact Coach K with the number of days (1, 2, 5) your team took to complete that week’s challenge.
  • A team completing the challenge in 1 day receives 1 point.   Two points are assessed for in 2 days and so on.
  • If a team does not complete the mileage by the following Sunday, the team receives 8 points.
  • NO STORING MILEAGE!  Unlike past mileage challenges, teams cannot reserve miles for a future date.  If the team “gets it done”, they get it done.  If the team falls short one week, they take the 8 points and start fresh the following week with the new challenge.  THERE IS NO PARTIAL CREDIT!
  • NOT TO WORRY!  Other interesting and fun challenges are mixed in with some destinations.  Each additional “Extra Credit” challenge completed allows teams to drop some points off their total score.
  • The team with the lowest score wins at the end of the 8 week challenge.

Weekly locations and/or challenges will be in the Monday email. Look for the promo with a link to the blog post to see where your team goes.


Pick your partner.  Remember to look for the new email each Monday between June 5 – July 30.  Then lace up your walking shoes.  It doesn’t matter if you walk the dog, hike a local park or run (literally) to the store, every mile counts in this journey.  And don’t forget to have fun!  Trek Through Turkey


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