Get Ready!  The Workout For ISI 2021 Week 1 Is Here!

ISI 2021 Week #1Boy time flies!  May is already upon us and that means Week #1 of the ISI 2021 (Iron Sharpens Iron) Competition.  This annual event pits local church pastors and lay leaders against each other in a friendly fitness competition.  For more information on the event itself, visit 3rd Annual Iron Sharpens Iron.

The Week 1 ISI  2021 Workout

The first workout present three tests, each designed to give you a full body workout all by themselves:

“The Gauntlet”

  • Part 1: Max Plank Hold
  • Rest 2 minutes
  • Part 2: 3 minute Tabata Slam Ball  (men under 50, use 20 pounds, men over 50, use 15 pounds, women under 50, use 15 pounds, women over 50, use 10 pounds) *Onliners without the ability to do slamballs will be doing Ground to Overheads with the same weight but with a dumbbell or kettlebell.
  • Rest 2 Minutes
  • Part 3: 3 Minute Tabata Jumping Pull Ups (Chin must be over bar) *Onliners without a pullups bar will be doing Dumbell or Kettlebell bent over rows with a hop at the top.


When you finish, you will submit 3 scores to, one score for each test. 


From Home Or Garage

Each new workout will be offered in class on the first Monday of each week during the ISI 2021 competition.  Remember, you have until Sunday, May 9 to complete the workout.  In addition, you can pursue a better score by completing the workout as many times as you wish.  However, you must submit the final score no later than Sunday, May 9.

The workout for ISI 2021 Week #2 will be released on Monday morning, May 10.  Stay Tuned!

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