Veterans Wellness Foundation

If you don’t already know, MissionFiT has a Veterans Wellness Foundation that focuses on Veteran health. We use fitness and wellness as part of their healing process and stabilization plan.
Last night, our Family Forum community veterans worked on some fun and functional movement last night. Bear-crawls, what some thought was going to be a simple movement, a mere walking on all fours, turned out to be much harder than anticipated. 😉
They also worked on proper technique for lifting items off the ground. Things we do in everyday life. Groceries, dog food, kids, etc. For yesterday’s workout we just used a typical ol’ brown grocery bag as our prop…and turned everyday life into a workout!

Over the last few weeks this group has also started diving into wellness learning. People are decreasing their soda and coffee intake and increasing their water intake already! They’ve also been introduced to power breathing. A great stress and relaxation technique that we have encouraged them to do daily.

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