Progress…Not Perfection

As a new year begins, many people look back at what they did…or didn’t accomplish.  But don’t get discouraged.  Think progress…not perfection.  Every time you take one step forward, you are further along in your journey to better health.  Every change you make toward your goal is progress.  Sometimes, especially if you are having a particularly hard season in life, it’s easy to feel like you’ve taken one or two steps forward and three steps back. Here are a few resources to help you learn more about “baby steps” to success:Progress Not Perfection



What’s My Next Step To Progress…Not Perfection?

  1. Make a list of different things you want to improve upon in your life.  Use our MissionFiT Goal Setting Health Assessment to bring areas in need into focus.
  2. Narrow down that list to one wellness goal for this quarter.
  3. Download the Goal Milestone Mapping sheet.  
  4. Use the sheet to make a progressive plan to establishing your new rhythm, new habit.
  5. If you aren’t sure what to work on, contact Coach K and she will be glad to help you review.

NProgress Not PerfectionOTE:  When you work on your goals, consider:

  • What is God really nudging you towards right now?
  • What is realistic and feasible in this season of life?
  • Is there something that will challenge you just right?

Changes To Note

In January 2022, MissionFiT athletes will begin to review, consider, plan for and prepare to set new goals or continue working on existing goals.   To better serve athletes’ needs, MissionFiT has made changes to the athlete’s goal-setting experience.  Specifically, athletes will:
  • Begin setting new or work further toward existing goals 4 times per year (rather than 3). More chance for evaluation means less chance of procrastination.
  • Progress Not Perfection

    Don’t Make Your Goal Map Complicated. Keep It Simple.Participate in group goal setting the first week of each quarter during the mobility/stretching portions of the class.

  • Goal setting will be done in a group setting during the mobility and stretching portion of class over the course of a week. (The 1st week of each quarter.)
  • We will be providing Goal Milestone Mapping sheets to each athlete in class to fill out and keep onsite. 
  • A new routine for class will be coming in and snagging your Milestone Mapping Sheet at the beginning of class to do a check in. This will help continually monitor progress each week throughout the quarter.


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