What will YOUR last ten years look like if you steward your temple in such a way NOW that pleases God?

What will YOUR last ten years look like if you don’t?



How much is even 30 minutes a day of brisk walking worth to you?


New research published in PLoS Medicine has actually put a number on the benefits of physical exercise, finding that 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week (think: 5 days of 30-minute workouts, like walking, bicycling, or hiking) will earn you an extra 3.4 years. And even just 75 minutes a week (that’s 10 minutes a day!) could extend your life by 1.8 years. Pretty inspiring, huh?


Being obese and inactive, however, is a dangerous combination—possibly shaving 7.2 years off the lifespan.


So the bottom line, as always, is this: exercise is good for you. Really good for you. So whether you’ve been sidelined due to an injury or are just straight-up lazy lately, do what it takes to safely get yourself back in the game—because even 10 minutes a day will stretch your lifespan.


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But recently, researchers uncovered a new, bonus benefit: Exercise acts as a powerful vaccine against the aging process itself.

When University of Florida exercise physiologists put healthy people ages 60 to 85 on weight-training programs for six months then tested them for signs of free-radical damage, they were surprised by the results. By the end of the study, exercisers had a drop in free-radical damage, while nonexercisers had a whopping 13 percent rise in free-radical damage.

The message: Need more convincing? Not exercising nearly doubles your risk of a heart attack, says Robert Nied, MD, a sports medicine specialist in California. And it’s not too late to start: “People who go from no exercise to some exercise receive the biggest benefits,” Dr. Nied notes.



What Will YOUR Last Ten Years Look Like?


What Will YOUR Last Ten Years Look Like? left and right picutres, left version of an elderly man playing with his grandkid, while the right in a man being fed by a caregiver