Momentum Monday is our favorite day of the week because we get to share all that’s happening to propel the movement forward!

This week we have lots to update on our momentum with the kids at Charlotte’s Urban Promise Christian Fitness Summer Camps.

Momentum is propelled by a healthy soul

Momentum is contagious

Momentum thrives in a charged atmosphere

Momentum is the fruit of grace and favour

Momentum requires an appreciation of reward and an understanding of responsibility



Momentum Monday’s Urban Promise Kids Christian Fitness Summer Camp Updates:

  • Both locations are doing great!
  • Kids are learning lots of movement but in a fun “kid” way. We’ve done running relays, frog hops over our partner, jumps over the “jump rope” river, plankhold soccer, and more!
  • Kids are moving with proper mechanics.
  • Kids are getting excited about exercise.
  • Kids are learning proper nutrition.
  • Kids are engaging in healthy community.
  • Kids are getting FiT


Kids Christian Fitness Workout Sticks. Multicolored popsicle sticks with different workout movements written on them in black marker.


And kids are enjoying lots of fitness games these days. This popsicle stick picture above is from our “Pick-sy stick fitness game”. Kids take turns picking a colored stick out of a hat and the group completes the fitness movement that’s on the stick.


We have one more week left with these little ones and then we transition to the next group. Please continue to keep these sweet kids in your prayers this week!


Special shoutout of thanks to Iron Tribe Charlotte for making this possible! The leaders at ITF Charlotte are solid believers that knew about the cause and saw the need, so poured in financially to make all this happen for these youngsters this summer. Thank you ITF Charlotte team!!!


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