Focus on the Family FiTness with a new face on MissionFiT’s leadership team. Welcome our new Youth Director, Nick Hess!


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Lifestyle changes such as fitness and nutrition are not the only key factors that increase the likelihood of an individual’s longevity. Our leaders need to be equipped and supported at work AND home. While we have initiatives to help leaders thrive in the work setting as well as providing support/inclusion opportunities for their spouses, we also need their children to support such changes. Helping families to remain autonomous and move in the same direction given what may amount to significant changes is a challenge that Nick will be undertaking for us.  We are so pleased to have Nick as a member of our team, and based on his track record, are confident that our juniors will benefit greatly from his instruction and mentoring. 


Read Nick’s story below:

Nick Hess started his professional life…

working in the financial crimes department of various domestic banks.  After 5 years, he decided to pursue his passion for mentoring young people and developing athletes. As a result of this transition, Nick started Sessions Sport & Fitness.


During Nick’s athletic career…

he observed a lack of resources available to athletes in middle/high school.  As a young athlete, he suffered from this lack in resources which ultimately prevented him from playing college sports.  “I never had a coach help me prepare for college sports. Knowing what I know now, I would have absolutely played college baseball.”  Given this experience, it’s Nick’s primary objective to help young athletes create, prepare and achieve their goals.


With the spirit of the company…

being built around the theme above.  Nick knew there were certain characteristics an athlete must possess to be successful over a long period of time.  Some of the qualities that Nick highlights during his training sessions include:

  • The Value of Constant Improvement

  • Leadership

  • Character Development

  • Humility

  • Goal Setting

  • Teamwork

  • Managing Adversity/Failure


While strength training…

inherently teaches these qualities among others, Nick helps his athletes connect the dots and accelerate their development curve.  


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Sessions Sports & Fitness

are currently a growing community of driven, optimistic and humble individuals.  The community is largely self-policed. “We have seen several natural leaders emerge and raise the standards of the other athletes around them!”   Adhering to a strength and conditioning program gives many of the athletes a boost in self-esteem. For one, they are becoming more physically developed. Secondly, the athletes feel empowered as they learn that they control their progress and results through their effort and ability to stick to their plan of action.

The class structure covers the primary attributes required by competitive athletes: Strength, Speed and Conditioning.   Each session includes a weightlifting phase that is facilitated by a strength coach. In the speed & agility phase, athletes complete a full range of sprint and agility drills that focus on efficiency, explosive power and competitive spirit.   Lastly, each session concludes with a team conditioning workout. The ‘finisher’ may be the most popular phase of the workout due to the sense of perseverance, grit and pride earned through their display of mental toughness.



Leaders – If you have children you are looking to get “on board” or who are athletes needing some great training in their off seasons, here is the info you will need:



Who: Nick Hess, CSCS | Sessions Sport & Fitness LLC | Email:

Where: 9535 Monroe Rd #100, Charlotte, NC 28270 (CrossFit Charlotte in Matthews)

When:  Thursdays @ 7:30PM | Saturdays @ 2pm (75 min sessions)

How: or

Age Group: 12-18+ years old


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