MissionFiT Announces The “Iron Sharpens Iron” (ISI) 2021 Competition Winners

ISI 2021 Competition WinnersThe month of May brought cool days, rain and flowers.  May also brought the 2021 ISI Competition to MissionFiT Athletes.  Now the competition is complete and we can announce the winners in each category.  Every athlete tested their strength, endurance, and mental toughness in each workout.  Here’s a quick review of the entire competition.  Review each individual workout with these links:

ISI 2021 Divisions

Each athlete completed the workouts within one of 4 divisions, based on ability:

  • RX (Prescribed) Under 50
  • RX (Prescribed) Over 50
  • Scaled Under 50
  • Scaled Over 50

Workouts were completed either as written (Prescribed) or Scaled.  A Scaled Workout is an adjustment to weight, rep scheme, time or another measure in the workout.  Each workout was completed on the Monday of the week of the workout.  However, an athlete had the entire week to complete the workout in order to turn in a score on the Sunday prior to the next workout being released.  So an athlete no happy with a particular score could complete a workout again in order to turn in a better score.

ISI 2021 Competition Winners are:

Rx’d Under 50:

1st Place = Amy Rogers

2nd Place = Artie Van Sciver

3rd Place = Caroline Dunkerton & Margaret Childers


Rx’d Over 50:

1st Place = Keith Kitchen & Lee Monk

2nd Place = Gina Weckerle

3rd Place = Clay Barnes


Scaled Under 50:

1st Place = Jen Weissman

2nd Place = Emmanuel Threatt

3rd Place = Albert Jamison & Jessica Landon


Scaled Over 50:

1st Place = Sally Hentz

2nd Place = Debbie Bishop

3rd Place = Cindy Baker



ISI 2021 Competition Winners

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