Testimony Tuesday – National Speaker, Zoe Elmore

As a Christian Fitness Ministry we like to honor and highlight Christians that are stewarding their temple exceptionally well; people that are wonderful examples for the community. This Testimony Tuesday, meet Zoe Elmore, a National Christian women's speaker who is based out of Charlotte.   "There’s definitely a connection between faith and health. Just like the apostle Paul knew the importance [...]

Testimony Tuesday – Personal FiTness Story from Tom Elmore

Testimony Tuesday is where we celebrate a personal fitness story from a fellow Christian pursuing a FiT life. Today Tom Elmore shares his personal fitness story. We all love hearing FiTness testimonies. However, here at MissionFiT, our "FiT" has more than just one meaning. Physical fitness, of course, but there's an even deeper meaning for us. Faithful in Training in [...]