MissionFiT Wants You….To Take Back Your Health

The MissionFiT team is accepting new members for their 101 Experience, ReStart Your Heart and 301 Experience, MissionFiT Community.  MissionFiT wants you to experience a healthier lifestyle.

Why MissionFiT wants you!

“Lifestyle is what, when and how much we eat, sleep and move on a daily basis”.  Dan Miller in his message “Happy, Healthy Human” during a TEDx Talk, Venice Beach.

“MissionFiT is a holistic wellness ministry.  We exist to get followers of Christ Faithful in Training so they can be FiT for the mission the Lord has laid before them.”  MissionFiT guides others to a healthier lifestyle.

MissionFiT’s 3 Phase Approach to the 5 Folds of Fitness

ReStart Your Heart

This is our first component.   A 12 week course designed to introduce members to the concept of the “Five Folds of Fitness”:  Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Social.  We are intricately connected and wonderfully made.  So neglecting to steward one area of health can create a domino effect on total temple health.  For example, an event or disease affecting the body must also affect the mind, the soul and the spirit. True “health” occurs when a person’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health are addressed and on point.


LeaderFiT is an opportunity to put the wellness education received in ReStart Your Heart to the test in a fun team-building environment.  This is where education become habit!

MissionFiT Community

This is MissionFiT’s on-going community.   These in-person or Zoom fitness classes are for those who have a background or experience in regular fitness.  In addition, these classes allow for direct trainer/athlete interaction.   Furthermore, we continue to learn always and steward the 5 areas of  Fitness.

Five Fold Health is the Key to True Health, a grid of health, multicolor. The reason why MissionFiT wants you!

MissionFiT’s 5 Fold Fitness Approach

Interested?  MissionFiT Wants You in September!

MissionFiT is accepting new students for the ReStart (101) Course and for the MissionFiT Community (301).

Class Time & Location

Classes are Monday – Friday in the southeast area of Charlotte, NC.  Times are available from early morning to afternoon and run about 45 minutes.

Not Sure?  Try A Class!

Contact MissionFiT (info@missionfitlife.com) to schedule a visit and participate in a class or a one-on-one trainer session.


“Sweat is a great equalizer.  Fitness has a unique way of leveling the playing field.  So, fitness will expose anyone brave enough to partake.    Sweat only demands you be brave enough to work, work, work and work some more.  And fitness with others is the best experience.” 

Josh Elmore, Fitness Trainer