Weight Loss Is As Individual As You Are!

The Bible tells us that we are “fearfully & wonderfully made”.  Also, that God “knit [us] together in [our] mother’s womb”.  In the original Hebrew, these statements mean:

  • great reverence, heart-felt interest, and with respect (Fearfully)
  • unique and set apart (Wonderfully)

We are unique.  Individuals meant to live out our lives as God has intended us to live.  So why, when it comes to weight loss, do we take the “one diet fits all” approach?  Learn about the individuality of weight loss.

One Diet Does Not Fit All

While commercial diet plans may give promises of 5-20 pounds lost in a time frame of 2 days to 6 weeks, the truth is that the way one person loses weight differs from his neighbor.  That’s why person A can lose several sizes using over-the-counter shakes and supplements while person B needs a different motivator, like in-person meetings and strict calorie counting.

Be “Body Positive”

The Association For Size, Diversity & Health (ASDAH) advocates Health At Every Size (HAES).  HAES “affirms a holistic definition of health, which cannot be characterized as simply the absence of physical or mental illness, limitation, or disease. Rather, health exists on a continuum that varies with time and circumstance for each individual.”   The ASDAH works to dismantle the basic biometrics like Body Mass Index (BMI), as a “one size fits all approach” to weight and body image.  Instead the focus is on the body positive, the individuality of weight loss.

The individuality of weight loss

“Poodle Science”

To that end, Dr. Deb Burgard, Founder of BodyPositive.com, along with the ASDAH, created a two-minute drill about the fallacy of “one size fits all” weigh loss with this inventive and informative video.   In short, Dr. Burgard describes how different people lose weight differently, just like the Lord made them.  We hope you will enjoy the show and think about just how “fearfully wonderful” you really are!

Additional Resources

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