Did you know you have two brains? Did you know the 2nd one is actually more important to care for than the 1st?


Your Gut is Your Second Brain, blue and orange picture of a brain with a line down the middle and listing all the things your gut controls for your brain


“Do you suffer from brain fog, difficulty making decisions, anxiety, depression, and mood swings, or attention disorders such as ADD or ADHD? If so you’ve probably been told that those traits are just a part of your personality, something that requires medication. You’ve likely been told diet has nothing to do with your symptoms, and I’m sure your doctor is not suggesting it has anything to do with your gut!

In my clinic, I find that the vast majority of psychological symptoms and mood imbalances aren’t an irreversible consequence of one’s genetic makeup. In fact, their presence is determined by a much more variable factor: what’s going on in your gut. Having a healthy gut is key to having a healthy brain.”       – Dr. Amy Myers


What you’re eating these days could very well be the culprit! Learn more here below.