LeaderFiT Week 1 in Review

LeaderFiT Challenge - Week 1 in Review, champion cup with the word leaderboard written below

LeaderFiT Challenge - Week 1 in Review, the scoreboard

LeaderFiT Challenge - Week 1 in Review, the word highlights written in black

Kenny Klinect’s our current Leader with a whopping 92 points. However, we’re seeing this this large jump due to a spiritual rest day obtaining that big 20 point jump. Without that, he’d be sitting in 3rd place but not by much. David Miller and Patrick McCrory are running a tight race, with 75 and 73 points respectively. After that we see a 21 point gap with Jon Freeman in 4th place, even with being sick an entire week, followed by a marital tie for Nic and Laura Schrieber. A couple that trains together stays together. 😉



Let’s look at some tracking specific winners for the week! 


Water cooler award – Our most hydrated this week is Nic Schrieber!

Jon Freeman and David Miller are sleeping like babies!

Everyone’s A.B.L.E-ing! Carmel Baptist teaches through this amazing acronym “ABLE” that stands for Abide in Christ, Build Relationships, Live out the Gospel with Everything….so we’re playing off of that this round for our spiritual fitness points.

Kenny Klinect‘s hormones are the most balanced with his nutrition practically SPOT ON!

Our most consistent intermittent fasters are Kenny and Jon.

Patrick McCrory is ready for his photo shoot with Mens Fitness with rock solid abs now after SEVENTEEN minutes spent planking this week! He’s also our most ‘mobile at work’ athlete!

Keep crushing! 

Keep tracking! 




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