This Testimony Tuesday we celebrate athlete Rebekah Yandle, who’s reaping the benefits of hard work!


Testimony Tuesday with Rebekah Yandle, Rebecca with her daughters


I am Rebekah Yandle, and I’ve been with Carmel Wee School for fifteen years.  I love the environment and the hours, especially because I am able to be with my children at night, weekends and holidays.  I am a single mom of two–my oldest, Ashetyn is currently a freshman at Wingate University and still lives at home with me; and my youngest, Anisten, a freshman at Piedmont High School in Monroe, is a varsity cheerleader and my social butterfly.  My children come first in my life and I worry more about them, then my own well being. Probably like most moms, I need to lose about 30-50 pounds per my height and my doctor’s recommendations. I do not eat a lot and that is probably my problem. I am trying to improve that and have been doing a pretty good job so far.

When I think of my fitness journey, the three words that come to mind are:

“I eat better”…

and I can feel the difference.  

Testimony Tuesday with Rebekah Yandle, Rebekah smiling in a blue shirt in front of her car


Relative to my fitness journey, my focus on diet changes represents my greatest improvement, but I’m still trying to achieve a similar improvement in my activity level.  Aside from my personal relationships, my primary motivation to continue on my current path is simply that I’m now feeling and looking better. Additionally, my moods are generally more upbeat and my depressed feelings are less frequent; and I thank my daughters for continually serving as my personal support system.

In terms of the connection between faith and health, I believe it quite simply comes down to making the right choices.  Stated a slightly different way, your investment in wellness and fitness boils down to a simple reminder, “what you put in reflects what you get back”.  If I were to encourage someone to begin a fitness journey, I would basically reinforce the fact that you will feel much better.

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