Rise Up Charlotte Pastors, A Revival Is Coming!

The word “shalom” means “peace”, “wholeness”. The interesting thing is it’s always used in the context of the spiritual life...well what about the physical? Rise up Charlotte Pastors, A revival is coming!     …….   A phrase I hear a lot here around my church is “the best gift you can give your kids, is your marriage”. Well, I [...]

Launch Night with Faith & Health Connection

We had a great Launch Night with Faith & Health Connection for our newest flight of Christian leaders going through the "ReStart Your Heart" Program!     Founder, Kelsey Elmore, opened the night up with a short welcome keynote on "You're health is not all about you". In a leadership role, your presence and performance is paramount. So your health and [...]

Stress, Fat, and Faith

  Did you know there's a connection between Stress, Fat, and Faith? You may be hitting a plateau and quite frustrated. You're eating clean, working out hard and not shedding those last "x" amount of pounds. Hmmmm.....how's your stress level these days?   "Stress is a fact of life. Chronic high stress can cause surges in your cortisol levels. Hi cortisol [...]