Check out The LeaderFiT Challenge – Week 3 in Review!


After three weeks here in the LeaderFiT Challenge…

we’re starting to see some distance created between our athletes. While Pastor Kenny Klinect reclaimed his 2nd place, Pastor David Miller and Pastor Patrick McCrory switched places this week.


The LeaderFiT Challenge - Week 3 in Review, headshot of Pastor Patrick McCrory in glasses and a tshirt


McCrory’s one of our avid runners in the group…

so he was an athlete to watch this week with the mileage challenge. A point for every mile accumulated, he completed 43 miles last week! To top off that major point gain, he finally got in a spiritual rest day. 63 extra bonus points this week sent him to the top of the Leaderboard with 263 total points.


As mentioned, Miller flipped with McCrory this week…

sliding him down to 3rd, but still in the game here folks! He’s now away serving the Lord in spectacular ways so we won’t get an update on his points for a few more days.


Right now our top Leaders are:

Patrick McCrory – 263

Kenny Klinect – 232

David Miller – 196

Laura Schrieber – 152


Thirty to forty point spreads…

are what we’re seeing but a week of bonus points, plain hard dedication, or lack there of could be a breaking point in either direction for these top runners.

The LeaderFiT Challenge - Week 3 in Review, a man doing a pushup in the grass with a sunny background

A push-up challenge is in effect for this week. More low hanging fruit for points! Stay tuned to see what these athletes do this week!