The XXXII Olympiad is almost over.  In the end, some athletes participating in the 339 medaled events will take home at least one medal.  However, over 10,000 athletes are competing in this Olympic Games.  So begs the question:

How Are They Getting The Mind “Right”?

Every athlete, whether amateur or professional, must learn a few things about getting the mind “right”.  Can you imagine the pressure?  In 2012, the odds of winning a gold medal were less than 3%.  Even MissionFiT Athletes can feel pressure in this summer’s Journey To Athens Challenge…if they aren’t careful.

What Does That Mean, Getting The Mind Right?  Getting The Mind Right

Of course, we are speaking of more than sports.  In life, we must learn discipline, confidence, courage and other attributes in order to properly respond to life’s difficulties and successes.  According to Positive Coach, Dr. Colleen Hacker, there are five principles we can begin to develop to help us get our minds right for life.  Among these is the concept of  understanding the power of ‘new math’, represented by:

1 + 1 = 3

Teamwork gets you farther in a competition and in life than going the journey alone.  Recall that MissionFit’s athletes are working in teams of 3 as they Journey to Athens.  Some teams are sprinting toward the finish while others are seeing more sights and enjoying the tour.  But each teammate has to complete some aspect of the the challenge of the day.  Let’s see how far our teams have come:

Rx’d All Inclusive

Congrats to Honduras!!!!!! They’ve crossed the finish line!

New Zealand – 24

Austria – 14

Italy – 12


Scaled All Inclusive

Kenya – 20

Switzerland – 18

Greece – 9

Scotland – 9



Sweden – 24

Cayman Islands – 8

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