The 2021 MissionFiT Nutrition Challenge Names Two Winners

The winners of the 2021 Nutrition Challenge gained more than just prize money, too.  They gained a better insight into personal goal setting and planning and reaching those goals.

2021 Nutrition Challenge WinnersRemember The Nutrition Challenge?

A lot happens in a short space of time, so if you didn’t participate or don’t remember what the challenge was all about, read about it here.  There were two tracks participants could follow:

  • Progressive – Sometimes, change is overwhelming.  So, this track worked best for the person needing to focus on making smaller changes in their lifestyle.
  • Aggressive – This track allowed participants with a solid foundation to focus even more on one or maybe two different areas of health.

And The 2021 Nutrition Challenge Winners Are…

Progressive Track:  Sally Hentz 2021 Nutrition Challenge Winners

Sally has been a faithful MissionFiT athlete for several years.  She’s always making small gains in her nutrition and especially in exercise.  Sally consistently sets personal exercise or movement goals throughout the year.  Here are some of Sally’s take-aways from the challenge:

  • “So, I am more apt to actually do something if I know I need to check a box.”
  • “Water is not a priority if I am not accountable in some way.  This is especially true in winter.”
  • “Points come easy if sleeping is involved in the MissionFiT challenges.  I definitely have no problem in reaching that goal!”

2021 Nutrition Challenge WinnersAggressive Track:  Pam Hollars

Pam has been involved with MissionFiT for  several years, as well.  After coming off a background that includes fitness training, Pam found the workout aspect of the challenge to be one of the easier parts of the challenge.  Let’s listen in:

  • “Nutrition is definitely the hardest area for me.  Hands down.  I have been working through a habit of stress/boredom eating for about 3 years now.  The nutrition challenge was a chance to work on that habit specifically.”
  • “What surprised me most was how well I slept.  Staying consistent getting in bed at close to the same time each night helps a lot.”
  • “Accountability helped me, too.  In fact, at least through the end of February, I will continue the nutrition guidelines set up for me prior to the challenge.”

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