Manage Your Stress

Did you realize you're a manager?  If you have children, especially of different ages, you have to manage meals, schedules, and other activities.  As a business owner, you have to manage people, payroll, ordering, production and other systems within your business.  In each scenario, the idea is to keep the household or the business functioning properly and efficiently.  To keep [...]

Back To Basics!

Part of the traditions of a new year are "resolutions".  Among the top resolutions on any list are "Exercise More" & "Lose Weight".  For most people that means going Back To Basics It's that time of year when MissionFiT athletes get to "reset" their nutrition habits and/or develop new and better habits. This annual "back to basics" challenge is designed [...]

2020: A Year-End Review

2020:  A Special Year-End Review 2020 is a "special" year for a year-end review.  And, MissionFiT has done a special year-end review of what has been accomplished by the athletes and ministry alike, and has sketched out the ministry's focus for the coming year. A Year-End Review of ALL Your Gifts in 2020 As an employee at the Billy Graham [...]

October Plank Challenge

Bring on the October Plank Challenge! Get on the floor and help MissionFiT Athletes complete an Elbow Plank Challenge during the month of October.  That's right!  A new season brings with it a new community challenge: Elbow Planks. What is an Elbow Plank? A deceptively easy movement, the elbow plank engages the entire body when done correctly. Strict Form Athletes [...]

Do You Stretch Yourself?

How Do You Stretch Yourself? There are many ways to "Stretch Yourself".  Read a book that makes you think.  Learn a new skill or language.  However, in fitness, stretching yourself has a little different connotation.  So, how do you stretch yourself? Before the "How", Let's Get into the "Why" Flexibility.  For many people, stretching before or after a workout becomes [...]

MissionFiT Wants You!

MissionFiT Wants You....To Take Back Your Health The MissionFiT team is accepting new members for their 101 Experience, ReStart Your Heart and 301 Experience, MissionFiT Community.  MissionFiT wants you to experience a healthier lifestyle. Why MissionFiT wants you! "Lifestyle is what, when and how much we eat, sleep and move on a daily basis".  Dan Miller in his message "Happy, [...]

WE are a Community FOR the Kingdom!

We are a Community FOR the Kingdom! Genesis 50:20 "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." Psalm 34:17 "When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears, and rescues them from all their troubles." Galatians 6:2 "Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way [...]

Valentine’s Dinner Event

Join MissionFiT for a Valentine's Dinner Event!   Healthy relationships are important to overall wellness.  With Valentine's Day upon us, MissionFiT is hosting a Valentine's "Dinner & Discussion" for couples. Date: Saturday, February 15th 6-9 pm Location: Elmore household Cost: $30 per couple Registration limited to the first 10 couples to sign up *Last Day to sign up is Tuesday, [...]

Emily Snodgrass: Sweet & Strong

Emily Snodgrass: Sweet & Strong Ballerina gone Burpee! This woman has a background in elegance but a presence in strength. She's always pushing her limits and giving her class a run for their money!   MEET EMILY SNODGRASS  ...a licensed clinical mental health counselor at Carmel Counseling Center, specializing in working with children through play therapy. She married her high school [...]