This Testimony Tuesday we celebrate athlete Joy Motte, who is a true joy to have in class. She’s an inspiring bundle of energy that works hard at everything she does on and off the mat!


Testimony Tuesday with Joy Motte, Joy in a teal blue dress holding purple flowers


My husband David and I have been married for 34 years and have had four children–three grown sons and a daughter who is waiting for us in Heaven.  We also have two grandsons, ages two and four. David and I have served in the church for most of our marriage in many capacities–David is the “up-front” personality, and my strengths are “behind the scenes” in organizing, administration etc.  I also love music and play the piano for different ministries.


Testimony Tuesday with Joy Motte, Joy smiling with her husband


When I think of my fitness journey, three words that come to mind are “CRITICAL LIFE ELEMENT”! Through circumstances of life, I have realized how important our role is in maintaining our health–physically, spiritually and emotionally.  In the past, maintaining consistency has been my biggest challenge to overcome. Going through the MissionFiT program has helped me to establish a more disciplined routine for exercise.  Also, the nutrition education has been great!


Personal well-being means feeling better and more able to handle routine and challenging aspects of life!  The spiritual aspect of our bodies being a temple has become more real and important. Without knowing it, probably my grandsons have provided the most encouragement to me.  Maintaining energy levels and thinking of the future, I want to be an active grandmother for a very long time!


Testimony Tuesday with Joy Motte, Joy with her 2 grandkids in Christmas jammies smiling in front of the tree


I think the connection between faith and health is strong. Besides being a temple, if we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus delivering His message, we need to keep our bodies in the best shape possible to accomplish more.


My investment in wellness and fitness makes me a better person.  I have more to give to myself and others when I feel more physically fit.  Life is short and precious. There are health issues that are completely unavoidable, but there are many problems that we can avoid by working on our personal fitness and health.  I have found more energy and a much more focused mind since starting the program, thereby allowing me to feel that I have accomplished more each day than before.



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