“RESTORE” Class Adds New Features To Each Session!

If you haven’t tried MissionFiT’s RESTORE Classes, now is the time as new features will bring more stretching, mobility and flexibility to your routine.

What Is “RESTORE”?

“Restore” classes were first introduced in December 2020.  Now the class is a permanent addition to the MissionFiT class line-upRestore Adds New Features.  Class is offered twice a week and gives participants 45 minutes of mobility work, stretching and flexibility.  Each class will help you work either upper body, mid body or lower body.  Read more about it here.

RESTORE’S New Features

Live classes begin at 6:15 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  But, if you are not an early riser, wake up super sore or need a little extra guided mobility and stretch, there’s good news for you.

RESTORE Is Recorded!

MissionFiT now offers permanent recorded links on our website.  Just log-in, locate the links and enjoy 45 minutes of focused mobility and stretching work anytime you need it.  Here’s how to find the links:

Then scroll through the list of offerings and choose the session that best fits your needs.

RESTORE Is Expanding!

Every 6 weeks, MissionFiT will add new mobility work, stretches and flexibility work to the sessions! So stay tuned as this library builds.  And just like the live classes, each series will offer the lower, middle, and upper body videos to follow.

Questions About RESTORE?

As always, contact Coach K with any questions you may have about participating in the live or recorded classes.  E-mail:  info@missionfitlife.com.

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